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(239) 992-4900


New Members: 

Welcome to Hunters Ridge Community Association! The HRCA Team is here to assist you . To set up your New Member Orientation, please contact Olivia Metrovich at (239) 992-4900 or email

Rules and Regulations

To help us maintain the beauty and the security of our community, please keep your garage door shut at all times unless you are working in your garage.​

Please walk your pets on a leash and pick up their droppings.

Please do not allow your pets to "use the bathroom" on anyone else's lawn. It is unsanitary and also kills the grass  which leaves a brown stain.


No vehicles of any type are to be parked on the roadways at any time throughout the entire Hunters Ridge development. Please do not park in someone else's driveway without their permission.


Please do not walk, ride your bike, or allow children to play on the golf course or on the cart paths.


Please call Hunters Ridge Security at

239-992-7691 to notify them when you have guests arriving.

Questions or concerns please contact the Administration Office  |  239-992-4900

Architectural Review Committee

ARC approval is required prior to any work which alters the exterior of your home. 

An ARC form is available here.

Approved Color Palatte

Questions or concerns please contact the Administration Office  |  239-992-4900

Garbage Pick up and Recycling

advanced disposa;.png

Household garbage pick up is Monday and Vegetation and Recycling is on Tuesday.

Please use a trash can with a lid.

Waste Management/Advanced Disposal or 239-334-1224

Helpful Numbers

Ali Pool w/Insurance of America (IOA)

(Common Area Insurance Needs)
Insurance Verification Instructions

Florida Power and Light - 1-800-226-3545
Comcast/XFINITY - 1-800-934-6489 
Bonita Springs Utilities - 239-992-0711

Personal Golf Carts

Just one of the perks of living at Hunters Ridge!

All golf carts within the community must be registered with the Administration Office and must carry liability insurance. 

Once registered, you will be issued a decal to display on your golf carts. Please be sure to provide a copy of your updated insurance policy once it has expired. 

There is no Trackage Fee for Social Use of your golf cart.

Questions or concerns please contact the Administration Office  |  239-992-4900

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