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In order to make your Tennis, Pickleball and Bocce experience at Hunters Ridge Country Club as enjoyable as possible, please review the following: 

General Information:
There are three Har-Tru hydro-water lighted tennis courts.
There are four lighted pickle-ball courts.

There are four lighted bocce courts

The clay courts are brushed by our Hunters Ridge Staff and ready for play by 8:00am daily.
The tennis ball machine can be checked out at the golf cart barn.
All courts are for private use of members and their invited guests and not open to the public.

All court and events reservations are made through TeamReach

Team Reach group joining codes have been sent to the Membership via email. 


Please reach out to Olivia Metrovich for Tennis, Pickleball and Bocce, at with any questions or assistance needs. 

Bocce - We are pleased to introduce bocce to Hunters Ridge with four clay courts under the lights for play throughout the day and evening. Members can reserve an individual court for play or join one of our social groups that have organized play combined with club dining options. Please make reservations in advance for group play on the TeamReach system and dining though Clubhouse Dining. 

Tennis  - Our tennis courts are available for group play events as well as individual court reservations through TeamReach. Our outdoor patio is available for food and beverages surrounding your tennis play. 

Pickleball -  Our pickleball courts are currently available for Open Play accommodating beginners to advanced skill players from 7:00am-10:00am. At this time, Court #4 is designated for those players meeting the Advanced Skills Guidelines posted at the courts. If at any time all courts are in play and members are waiting for a court, the paddle box rotation system will be used. Please feel free to socialize over food and beverage after play. 

Please note:
* All court reservations are to be made through TeamReach with the group codes emailed to all members

* An individual may not sign up for more than one court/per sport per day.
* An individual may not sign up for back-to-back reservations. 

*Tennis and pickleball court reservations have a maximum playing time of 120 minutes

* One member per court must be playing (Exceptions for a non-playing member to book for out-of-town guests/family while residing with member). Individuals renting a property will be considered members for playing purposes. 
* If you have a guest playing with you, the member must give guest's names to the gatehouse.  
* Guest must give member's name and photo ID at the gatehouse.
* Reserved courts are held for 10 minutes and then become available for walk-ons on a first come first served basis, no signup required.
* If your assigned court becomes unplayable (weather/repair conditions, etc.) and there are no open courts, you must forfeit your playing time.
* In the event you cannot honor your reservation, make sure you cancel it.  

* Proper footwear is required on all courts.

Prohibited Activities:
Smoking is prohibited on the courts. No pets are allowed. No game other than tennis or pickleball is to be played on the courts.

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